Secrets Of The Seas

Secrets Of The Seas 7.3

Discover sunken shipwrecks and explore the world's greatest lost treasures

Secrets of the Seas is a nice action game with a puzzle challenge. This game will challenge your vision ability and your speed. The main goal is to place a figure provided with a certain number of items inside of a puzzle, and make groups of four or more identical items to clear them. You must place four or more in a vertical order, horizontally, or four as a square. You can switch the position of the figure with your right mouse button; this way you can search for bigger groups. Search for special items like a harpoon gun that will clear the entire row, the anchor that will clear the column, a cannon that will clear both row and column, dynamite that will clear the areas around, and others that will clear the one of the right or will give you special bonuses like Lightning, Oxygen and Whirlpool.
The game allows you to select adventure mode or untimed mode. You can set options, see help, check high scores or quit the game. The game includes different levels. To reach new levels you must beat time and a bonus goal. Be fast and smart with your decisions or you wont reach your goal and the game will be over.

Birgilio Rivera
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